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Subscription Topics

Cite-on-Site's Civil Fax newsletter reports on a wide range of relevant topics. However, you may opt to subscribe to only topics of interest to you. The following list of topics provides more detail to assist you in selecting topics on the subscription form.

Choose as many topics as you wish as your subscription fee for a topical version of Civil Fax will not exceed $65 per year plus G.S.T.

Topic Description
Administrative Judicial review of administrative tribunal decisions
Agency Duties and liabilities of agents to principals and others and vice versa
Banking Duties and liabilities of banks to customers and vice versa
Communications and Transportation Cases considering the communications or transportation industry
Conflict of Laws and International Cases considering the interactions between Manitoba or Canadian law with other jurisdictions
Constitutional Interpreting the constitutional enactments
Construction Property development and building construction liability issues
Contracts Contractual issues
Corporate / Commercial Cases concerning corporations co-operatives and commercial transactions
Creditor and Debtor Cases involving creditor and debtors, including bankruptcy and receivership
Damage Awards Damage awards for contracts or torts
Employment Wrongful dismissal; cases involving unions
Environmental and Natural Resource Cases involving the environment or the use of natural resources
Evidence Admissibility of evidence; expert evidence issues
Government and Public Authorities Cases involving governments and public authorities except for municipalities
Human Rights Human rights issues
Immigration Cases from Manitoba or the Supreme Court of Canada dealing with immigration issues
Insurance Cases involving insurance companies
Intellectual Property Copyright; trademarks patents; trade secrets
Landlord and Tenant Residential and commercial tenancy cases
Medical Medical negligence; hospitals; regulation of medical professions
Municipal Cases involving municipalities
Non-Profit Organizations Cases involving non-profit organizations, charities and religious institutions
Partnerships and Associations Cases involving partnerships, associations or joint ventures
Personal Property Cases involving personal property
Practice Cases involving procedural matters
Professional Occupations Regulation of professions, including fee assessments
Real Property Cases involving land transactions or title (includes riparian rights)
Remedies Principles of legal and equitable remedies
Statutory Interpretation Principles of statutory interpretation
Tax Cases considering income, sales or property tax
Torts Intentional and negligent torts
Trusts Cases involving trustees and beneficiaries and includes cases considering fiduciary duties
Valuation Valuation of property and damages
Vulnerable Persons Cases involving committeeships
Wills and Estates Interpretation of wills; administration of estates